Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

International Medical School of Classical Homeopathy

According to the Contract of cooperation between the Kyiv Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk (Ukraine) and International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (Greece), the International Medical school of Classical Homeopathy is founded within the structure of the KMAPE (now National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education).

The study program of the International school (over 400 hours) consists of successive seminars (6-12 days), which are held once a quarter, and includes unique materials of George Vitulkas, the Honoured Professor of the NMAPE and School professor, outstanding pedagogue, lecturer, scientist, director of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (Greece), laureate of the alternative Nobel prize, Honoured professor of many European universities.

An adjustment of timetable of classes, as well as working up of individual schedules in accordance with the wishes and possibilities of admitted students if their number in a group exceeds 10 persons is possible.

The period of study equals 3 years.

Theoretical classes are conducted in comfortable modern class-rooms, and practical classes – in consultative homoeopathic polyclinic which is the clinical base of the National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education.

The classes at the School are conducted in accordance with the European programme with further examination at the International Examination Board with participation of leading specialists of Ukraine and EU. On completion of the course of studies the public diploma and international certificate are issued.

The studies both at the International Medical School of Classical Homeopathy and thematic courses for physicians and pharmacists are provided with modern computer programmes, audio and video facilities.

In compliance with the Order of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine the courses (professional improvement) on homeopathy for physicians and pharmacists are held in the Kyiv State Institute of physicians advance training (at present – NMAPE named after P.L. Shupyk) since 1989. They became the first State courses of classical homeopathy (provided under the ougthority of the Ministry of Public Health) in Ukraine, CIS, as well as in Eastern Europe, founded on the initiative of the outstanding, world-famous homoeopath, Honoured physician of Ukraine T.D. Popova, and leaded since 1990 by Ph.D., MD, Associated Professor O.P. Moshchych.

The well-known authorities who have high prestige in homeopathy, such as N.D. Moskalenko, N.K. Simeonova, V.Zh. Bikhunova, L.M. Bad’ya, O.F. Finberg, famous scientists, professors N.P. Maksyutina, O.M. Hrytsenko, I.Z. Samosyuk, I.S. Chekman and other outstanding personalities took part in lectures programme at different time at the invitation of the head of the course.

During the period of existence of the courses over a thousand physicians and pharmacists from Ukraine, CIS, European countries, America and Asia became the graduates.

The course includes some lectures of well-known specialists from Ukraine, CIS and Europe in homeopathy, phytotherapy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, acupuncture, pharmacology, physics, etc., in which the role and place of homeopathy, mechanism of its action and possibilities of its effective application in medical theory and practice is substantiated

The courses consist of successive educational cycles on homeopathy of different levels:

-           ‘basic’ cycle, TU “Fundamentals of Homeopathy” of 156 hours;

-           extended specialized course of 312 hours;

-           ‘Phytotherapeutic and homoeopathic medicinal remedies’ cycle of 156 and 312 hours.

In addition to the above courses of homeopathy the department conducts training cycles on selected aspects of homoeopathic medicinal remedies use, dedicated to problems of family medicine, paediatrics, dermatology, neurology, gynaecology, pulmonology, cardiology, diseases of otolaryngologic organs and their therapies using homoeopathic preparations, destined for highly specialized professionals and physicians of different specialities who are interested in various aspects of the homeopathy.